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Publication: Exploring Adolescents’ Perspectives on and Experiences with Post Primary School-based Suicide Prevention Interventions: A Meta-Ethnography Protocol

Research Impact: This meta-ethnography protocol outlines methods to synthesize adolescents’ perspectives on engaging with post-primary school-based suicide prevention (PSSP) interventions, as participants/end-users, intervention advisors, facilitators, and co-designers and co-researchers.  Identified full texts will be reviewed […]

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Publication: The Impact of Typical School Provision of Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sports on Adolescent Physical Activity Behaviors: A Systematic Literature Review. Adolescent Research

Research Impact Summary: The relationship between typical school provision of physical education, physical activity and sports was found to be multifaceted. In the context of physical education, the provision of regular physical education class, extension […]

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Publication: Association Between Physical Activity Indicators and Human Development Index at a National Level: Information From Global Matrix 4.0 Physical Activity Report Cards for Children and AdolescentsPublication:

Research Impact:  The Global Matrix 4.0 brought forth evidence from 57 countries or jurisdictions from around the world in a harmonised methodology to make comparisons over time and between countries. The Global Matix typically did […]