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Publication: Participatory approaches in the context of research into workplace health promotion to improve physical activity levels and reduce sedentary behaviour among office-based workers: protocol for a scoping review

Research Impact Statement: Previous literature has examined the benefits and effectiveness of physical activity workplace health promotion interventions, but the use of participatory approaches within workplace health promotion studies has not been synthesised. Participatory approaches […]

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Publication: PERSISTE: a mixed methods protocol to identify barriers and levers to a sustainable physical activity practice among patients with chronic disease after physical activity resumption programs

Research Impact: The effectiveness of physical activity interventions to develop long term sustainable physical activity practice for patients with chronic disease remains questionable in the literature. The present study protocol describes the use of mixed […]

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Publication: “Divergent serum metabolomic, skeletal muscle signalling, transcriptomic and performance adaptations to fasted versus whey protein-fed sprint interval training

Research Impact:  Current literature has investigated the nutritional regulation of acute and chronic exercise-induced metabolic adaptations in muscle following endurance exercise, principally comparing the impact of training in fasted and carbohydrate-fed (CHO) conditions. Alternative strategies […]