Sprinting Research: Postactivation Potentiation and Sprint Speed

Research Impact: The performance of specific conditioning activities can result in the acute enhancement of muscular performance. This phenomenon is known as post activation potentiation (PAP). However, due to the individual nature of PAP both performance enhancing and inhibiting effects have been reported. This research synthesises the existing literature on PAP methods utilising back squats, power cleans, plyometrics, and sled pulling to improve sprint ability. Additionally, a simple method based on athlete response variability is presented to identify whether individuals are positive, negative or non-responders to PAP protocols. Finally, practical recommendations on implementing PAP protocols into sprint training sessions are provided.

Healy, R. & Comyns, T.  “The Application of postactivation potentiation methods to improve sprint speed”.  Strength and conditioning journal. February 2017

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