BSc. Physical Education – 1st Year Student’s Outdoor Adventure Outing – Daniel Tindall

As part of the PY4071 – Pedagogy of Outdoor Adventure Education module, led by Drs Missy Parker and Daniel Tindall, 1st year PE students participate in an OAE experience at the University of Limerick Activity Centre (ULAC) located on the shores of Lough Derg in Killaloe.

On the day, students engage in water-based activities (canoeing and kayaking) as well as a selection of low-level (toxic waste, trust walk, etc.) and high level (high ropes course) team building initiatives. The rationale for this first experience of the students is to recognise that before they can develop into trusting, caring, and interactive learners they must first come to know themselves and one another. This learning experience is designed for pupils to get acquainted, discover something new about themselves, explore the similarities and differences among them, and enjoy interacting. The activities are also intended to begin to help pupils cooperate with one another through the challenging experiences they will face both within this module but across the four years of their programme as well.

Daniel Tindall is a Lecturer in Physical Education & Course Director of BSc Physical Education. View Daniel’s Profile here.

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