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Are you a business, a company, registered charity, a social, cultural or not for profit civic organisation, semi-state commercial organisation, public body and interested in collaborative research? The Irish Research Council has a funding opportunity which supports collaborative research between higher education institutions and enterprise partners (listed above). The research topic can be in any area jointly proposed by the academic and enterprise partner. The duration can range from 12-48 months depending on the programme involved from masters to post doctoral level research. The research partner contributes ~1/3 of the overall cost and the Irish Research Council will provide the balance of funding.

The Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences (PESS) has a strong reputation and is recognised nationally as a leader in the delivery of physical education and sport science programmes. The Department’s research is focused around four specific research priorities: food for health, physical activity and health, sport and human performance, and sport pedagogy. PESS has vast experience in collaborative research and has been involved in IRC enterprise partnerships in the past. One project currently running is a collaboration between the Irish Institute of Sport and PESS staff, Dr Tom Comyns and Prof Drew Harrison. This project, led by PhD candidate Claire Brady, focuses on developing and validating a bespoke strength and power diagnostic system for use in enhancing performance, preventing injury and guiding rehabilitation in elite athletes. Long-term it is hoped that this research will improve the elite athlete support structures within the Irish Institute of Sport and increase athletes’ potential for success at Olympic and Paralympic games.

If you fit the profile of enterprise partner and have a problem you are trying to solve or a question you are trying to answer that could benefit from collaboration with a research group having expertise in the areas listed above please get in touch.

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Orla-Power Grant is the EHS Research Funding Officer in the PESS Department. View Orla’s Profile here.

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