Learning to teach sport education: Investigating a Pre-Service Teacher’s Knowledge Development

Research Impact: Learning to teach SE and other curriculum and instructional models is more than learning how to deliver models of teaching. Subsequently, teacher educators need to allow for a continuing growth of understanding where pre-service teachers develop knowledge through various teaching and learning experiences tailored around their needs and concerns. Complementing this, physical education teacher educators need to collaborate on both a structural and situational level. This implies collegial discussion about the programme design (disposition of practical and theoretical courses) and consideration of the most effective way to sequence the introduction of curriculum and instructional models.

Hordvik, M., MacPhail, A. &  Tore Ronglan, L.  (2017): Learning to teach sport education: investigating a pre-service teacher’s knowledge development, Sport, Education and Society. DOI: 10.1080/13573322.2017.1322948

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