The Biomechanics Research Unit – Current Projects in Sport and Performance

The Biomechanics Research Unit (BRU) consists of 5 core faculty and 11 postgraduate researchers within the department of physical Education and Sport Sciences.

The mission of the BRU is to advance the research in the interdiscipline of biomechanics at the University of Limerick and achieve international recognition for the quality of its research output and graduate students.

Objectives of the Biomechanics Research Unit

  • To develop biomechanics research in UL by fostering interdisciplinary research links with other academics and research groups in the University of Limerick
  • To foster national and international collaborative research links in biomechanics
  • To advance the quality of postgraduate research activity in biomechanics and related disciplines at UL
  • To increase the quality and quantity of research publications biomechanics within UL
  • To increase levels of funding in biomechanics research at the University of Limerick

Biomechanics in Sport and Performance

 The optimisation of the efficiency of movement and the effects of training require a deep knowledge of the human body and its motions. Performance improvements and injury prevention are made possible by the extensive biomechanical research conducted all over the world. The BRU in the University of Limerick focuses its expertise in athletics, swimming, team sports, rowing and golf as well as projects in a broader spectrum of sports.

Current Research Projects

  • The development of a strength and power diagnostics system for Irish Olympic athletes.
  • Examination of muscle activations and kinematics in sprint running, sprint drills, strength training and plyometric training.
  • Functional data analysis in rowing
  • Development of new false start detection systems for use in international competition
  • Mapping the reaction times sequences in the sprint start
  • Longitudinal examination of movement health indices via wearable sensing technology
  • Irish Rugby injury surveillance
  • The transfer of dry-land strength training exercises to swimming performance
  • Pacing strategies in masters marathon running and masters swimming performance

For a full list and contact details of BRU staff and postgraduate researchers click here

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