Jennifer Burke Award for Innovation in Teaching & Learning Awarded to Dr. Antonio Calderon

The Jennifer Burke Award for Innovation in Teaching and Learning has been awarded annually since 2009 in memory of Jennifer Burke, a well-known and highly regarded friend and colleague of the Irish Learning Technology Community. The award recognises and rewards innovative practice in Irish Teaching and Learning, and in particular aims to reflect and remember Jenn’s vibrancy, creativity, energy and passion for learning.

The winner of this year’s Jennifer Burke Award has been awarded to Dr Antonio Calderon, Lecturer from PESS Department (University of Limerick). The awarded innovation is titled #CoolPE, and was focused on preparing pre-service teachers for the inclusive classroom in a digital era. The different pieces of #CoolPE as a research and innovation project has been presented this year at the EdTech Conference (Sligo), ESAI (Cork), and recently at the European Conference on Educational Research, ECER (Copenhagen). #CoolPE was the first teaching experience of Antonio as a teacher educator in Ireland. It was inspired and motivated on a previous experience lived in his home country.

View the winning video:

EdTech Conference presentation (awarding ceremony)


Antonio Calderon is a is a Lecturer in Physical Education Teacher Education/Sport Pedagogy in the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences. View Antonio’s profile here. Antonio contacted on 

Prior to joining the department, Antonio was Senior Lecturer in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy at the Faculty of Sport at UCAM, Catholic University of Murcia (Spain). Currently, he is co-convenor of the network “Research in Sport Pedagogy” of the European Educational Research Association (EERA) and Associate Editor of the journal CCD (Cultura_Ciencia_Deporte).

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