Teacher Education and Teacher Educator National Forum: Research and Practice in Ireland


Thursday 30 November 2017 10am to 3.30pm
P1-033, Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences,
University of Limerick


The University of Limerick issued an invitation to policy makers and teacher educators nationally to share their work practices and scholarship on teacher education and discuss how teacher educators’ professional development needs can be best supported. At the forum, participants will present aspects of their practice and research in teacher education and on / with teacher educators in 10-minute presentations.

A key outcome of this event is to determine the level of interest in the creation of a national network of those interested in teacher education. To encourage and direct discussion on this we have invited colleagues from MOFET Institute in Israel to present as well as convene a related discussion. The MOFET Institute (founded in 1983) is a national centre for the research and development in teacher education and teaching. MOFET’s mission is to serve as a professional meeting-place and to facilitate an educational dialogue among colleagues both in the teacher education system and in other settings in the education system. It is unique worldwide for supporting teacher educators’ professional development.

The Forum Schedule is available HERE. The day will include parallel presentations from those working in an Irish context with teacher education and / or teacher educators, lunch, presentations from MOFET and associated institutes and an open discussion on an agenda for an Irish teacher education network and the next steps in supporting this.

Register for this event at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/teachereducationand teachereducatornationalforumtickets38427368293

If you require any further information on the National Forum please do not hesitate to contact Ann MacPhail at Ann.MacPhail@u.ie

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