1st year Sport & Exercise Sciences Student in UL shows how hard work & ambition reaps rewards

First Year Sport and Exercise Sciences Student Conor Cantwell featured in today’s Irish Independent where he talks about his experience of the Leaving Cert,  university life and how he balances student life with volunteering for Munster Rugby.

Conor Cantwell is a driven and focused student who has embraced the professional development opportunities that are available at the University of Limerick.  He has demonstrated that with hard work, vision, and ambition, students can carve out their career paths much earlier than you would think!

Read the full article in the Irish Independent here 

For students interested in Sport and Exercise Sciences in UL, read “Want to be a Successful Sport and Exercise Scientist? Choose Your Path Wisely ” written by Dr. Brian Carson (Course Director for Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Limerick).

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