Publication: Review Paper on occurence of injury in amateur male rugby union

Research Impact: The incidence of Rugby-related injuries is widely reported, however the overall incidence rate occurring in amateur Rugby is not known. A systematic review and meta-analysis was conducted to determine the overall incidence of injury in senior amateur male Rugby. The overall incidence of match injuries was found to be 46.8/1,000 player hours (95% CI 34.4-59.2). This is equivalent to one player suffering one injury every 16 matches. This is lower than the incidences reported in professional players but higher than youth and adolescent players. The tackle event accounted for the majority of injuries, with the tackler more at risk than the player being tackled.

Yeomans, C., Kenny, I.C., Cahalan, R., Warrington, G.D., Harrison, A.J., Hayes, K., Lyons, M., Campbell, M.J. and Comyns, T.M., 2017. The Incidence of Injury in Amateur Male Rugby Union: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Sports Medicine, pp.1-12.


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