Publication: Professional learning needs & priorities of higher-education-based teacher educators

Research Impact: This paper draws out complexities that emerge when exploring a professional group of educators responsible for the preparation of a future generation of teachers. The findings are presented and discussed in relation to the professional demographics of the sample, research expectations placed on them and teacher educators’ priorities for professional learning. Given the unique occupational position of teacher educators, their importance in the quality of teacher education and the lack of formal focus on their professional development, our starting point for teacher educators’ professional development lies in their practice situated and positioned within global, regional, national and local policy contexts.

Czerniawski, G., Gray, D., MacPhail, A., Bain, Y., Conway, P. and Guberman, A., 2018. The professional learning needs and priorities of higher-education-based teacher educators in England, Ireland and Scotland. Journal of Education for Teaching, pp.1-16.

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