Publication: Incidence of Injury Due to Race Day Jockey Falls in Professional Horse Racing in Ireland

Impact Statement: Horse racing is a high risk, physically demanding sport which requires jockeys to maintain a very low body mass, often requiring the adoption of drastic weight loss methods, in order to compete. Due to the demanding nature of the sport and the large number of falls recorded during races, there is a high incidence of injury reported. Despite this, the last analysis of falls and injury incidence in Ireland, one of the leading horse racing nations, have not been completed since 2006. This updated analysis from 2011-2015, provides the latest information on the incidence of injury and identifies specific types and location of injury which are compared with previously reported data. The findings of the study have been used to evaluate the effectiveness of injury prevention strategies implemented during this period and will be used to influence the design and implementation of future safety and education strategies to promote the wellbeing of jockeys.

O’Connor, S., Warrington, G., McGoldrick, A. and Cullen, S., 2017. Epidemiology of Injury Due to Race-Day Jockey Falls in Professional Flat and Jump Horse Racing in Ireland, 2011–2015. Journal of athletic training52(12), pp.1140-1146.

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