A Tribute to Prof. NC Craig Sharp – Dr Giles Warrington

Prof NC Craig Sharp

It was with great sadness that we learned of the recent death of Professor Craig Sharp. Craig died on 21st March after suffering a stroke.

Craig was appointed the First Professor of Sport and Exercise Science in PESS in 1992 and was responsible for establishing the Sport and Exercise Science programme, the first of its kind in Ireland and which has grown from strength to strength and is a fitting legacy to the great man. Craig’s career started as a veterinary scientist specialising in amongst other things elite animals. As a talented athlete and coach it was no surprise that his career moved into the field of sports science where in 1971 he was appointed the very first lecturer in sports science in the UK at the University of Birmingham. Craig is widely regarded as the pioneer and father of sports science in the UK and Ireland and had a major influence in its growth and success having advised, mentored and influenced countless elite coaches athletes and sports scientists over the years.

My personal association with Craig goes back many years and he actually gave me my first job as an sport and exercise physiologist at the British Olympic Medical Centre where he was Director. Craig was also my principal PhD supervisor and became a close mentor and friend. Craig’s influence on myself and countless others is enormous and cannot be overstated. The term legend is often easily banded about but in Craig’s case he was a true legend and will be greatly missed by all those who knew him and were influenced by him.

A wonderful obituary to Craig was published in last week’s Scotsman newspaper and pays a fitting tribute to his life and legacy.

Professor Craig Sharp Obituary

May he rest in peace.

Dr Giles Warrington, Head of Department, Department of Physical Education and Sport Giles Warrington Circular Sciences at the University of Limerick.


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