Publication: Sedentary behavior and anxiety: Association and influential factors in 42,469 adults

Research Impact: There is growing interest in the relationship between sedentary behavior (SB) and anxiety. This study investigated the association between SB and anxiety, and explored factors that influence this association in 42,469 adults from six low- and middle-income countries using data from the World Health Organization’s Study on Global Ageing and Adult Health.  People with anxiety engaged in 24 more min/day of SB than non-anxious individuals.  Anxiety was associated with two-times higher odds for high SB (≥8 h/day).  The largest proportion of the high SB-anxiety relationship was explained by mobility limitations, followed by impaired sleep/energy, pain/discomfort, disability, cognition, and physical activity.

Vancampfort D, Stubbs B, Herring MP, Hallgren M, Koyanagi A (2018). Sedentary behavior and anxiety: Association and influential factors among 42,469 community-dwelling adults in six low- and middle-income countries. General Hospital Psychiatry, 50:26-32. doi: 10.1016/j.genhosppsych.2017.09.006. PMID: 28987919. (IF: 2.279; C=1; Q3 Psychiatry; R=73/142)

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