Publication: Associations between motivation and mental health in sport 

Research Impact: In this paper, we examine the relationships between motivational climate, basic psychological needs, motivation, and mental health among elite team-sport athletes. The athletes reported positive motivational patterns, elevated depressive symptoms, and poor sleep quality. The data support numerous novel relationships between the variables. Specifically, controlled motivation regulations (maladaptive) were positively associated with depressive symptoms, trait anxiety, poor sleep quality, and disturbed mood. Integrated regulation had a negative association with anxiety, and intrinsic regulation had a positive association with depressive symptoms. These findings support the importance of considering mental health as an outcome of motivation.

Sheehan, R.B., Herring, M.P. and Campbell, M.J., 2018. Associations between motivation and mental health in sport: A test of the Hierarchical Model of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation. Frontiers in Psychology9,  p.707.

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