New Publication: Active Students Are Healthier and Happier Than Their Inactive Peers (Results from SASSI)

Research Impact: The Student Activity and Sport Study Ireland was a cross-sectional online survey among a representative sample (n = 8122) of university students in Ireland.  The study assessed the participation of university students in sport and physical activity in Ireland and examined the association between physical activity and perceptions of overall health, mental health, and happiness. Only 64.3% of respondents met the recommended level of 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per week with males significantly more active than females (72.1% vs 57.8% meeting guidelines). Those meeting physical activity guidelines were more likely to report greater overall health and higher mental health and happiness scores compared with their inactive peers. The study concludes that active students enjoy better health (overall and mental) and are happier than their inactive peers. In addition, the study provides a clear rationale for providing students with opportunities to be active at university.

Murphy, M.H., Carlin, A., Woods, C., Nevill, A., MacDonncha, C., Ferguson, K. and Murphy, N., 2018. Active students are healthier and happier than their inactive peers: the results of a large representative cross-sectional study of university students in Ireland. Journal of physical activity and health,  Volume:15 Issue: 10 Pages:737-746 doi: 10.1123/jpah.2017-0432

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