Publication: The design, development, implementation and evaluation of IRISweb

Research Impact: Injury surveillance is routinely conducted in professional sports, however this is often more difficult to implement in amateur cohorts due to a lack of resources and medical staff availability. The Irish Rugby Injury Surveillance (IRIS) Project aims to design and develop a comprehensive injury surveillance system, tailor made for the amateur Rugby game. A web-based system called IRISweb was developed and implemented into 21 amateur male and female rugby clubs in Ireland. After one season of use, the system was evaluated to aid further development. By describing in detail, the steps taken to design, develop, implement and evaluate a web-based surveillance system, the IRIS Project hopes to inform the international community to develop standardized high quality approaches to injury surveillance.

Yeomans, C., Kenny, I.C., Cahalan, R., Warrington, G.D., Harrison, A.J., Hayes, K., Lyons, M., Campbell, M.J., Glynn, L.G. and Comyns, T.M., 2018. The design, development, implementation and evaluation of IRISweb; A rugby-specific web-based injury surveillance system. Physical Therapy in Sport.  DOI: 10.1016/j.ptsp.2018.11.007