Biomechanics Research Unit 2019 Spring Lecture Series. Dr Ian Kenny

Each Spring UL’s Biomechanics Research Unit works to create a public lecture series that tries to bridge the gap between research and practice in biomechanics. Coinciding with the BSc Sport and Exercise Sciences final year biomechanics module SS4318, we try to inform the students and the attending public and UL community how and why biomechanics is used in sports and non-sporting environments. Typically the talk topics range from sports medicine, to player development S&C, to motion analysis equipment, and gait and functional movement. To show the range of careers that our BSc Sport and Exercise Sciences graduates enter, many of our speakers are PESS graduates welcomed back to share their experiences of daily practice and research. This year is no different from others, in that the very diverse range of careers that incorporate biomechanics is evident from our five speakers, and the synergy with other sport sciences disciplines is common in their work.

Player Monitoring
Monday 4th February, 14.00-15.00
Venue: Schrodinger Building SR3-006, University of Limerick

Patrick Hogan is a Sport Scientist at STATSports  .  STATSports provides sports science and performance analysis service within the elite sporting industry and its growing client list has included: Juventus, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, the Carolina Panthers and the Chicago Bulls.  Patrick previously worked with Redback Biotek providing GPS analysis to various teams. Patrick graduated with a BSc in Sport and Exercise Sciences (UL) in 2016.

Wearable Sports Performance Analytics
Monday 11th February, 14.00-15.00
Venue: Schrodinger Building, SR3-006, University of Limerick

Dr Darragh Whelan and Dr Martin O’Reilly are sports medicine and sports engineering scientists with the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, and .  Output Sports system has been developed to test and track multiple components of athlete performance with a single wearable motion sensor.  Darragh and Martin discussed the test engineering, product prototyping and company development.

Strength Testing & Sprinting Analysis – High Performance Training Instrumentation
Monday 18th February, 14.00-15.00
Venue: Schrodinger Building SR3-006, University of Limerick

Ms Claire Brady is a UL PhD candidate jointly with the Sport Ireland Institute under the IRC Employment based Postgraduate Scholarship Programme.  Working as a Strength & Conditioning specialist, Claire is researching the reliability of isometric strength testing and its relationship with sprint acceleration performance for use in enhancing athletic performance.  Claire is a graduate of UL’s MSc in Sports Performance programme (2014) and represented Ireland as an elite international sprinter at the World Indoor and European Championships.  Claire discussed her PhD research specifically on the relationship of isometric strength and sprint performance and detail practical approaches to testing and monitoring strength and sprinting in a high performance environment.

Functional biomechanics for athlete conditioning
Monday 25th March, 14.00-15.00
Venue: Schrodinger Building SR3-006, University of Limerick

Ainle Ó Cairealláin is the founder and managing director of ACLAÍ, a Cork based company providing strength & conditioning, health, fitness and sports performance expertise and training environment. Ainle has worked with the Senior Cork Footballers as the Head Strength and Conditioning coach, the Adelaide Crows Football Club in Australia, and also for Na Piarsaigh Hurling and Football Club, Cork. Ainle is a graduate of UL having achieved a BSc Sport and Exercise Sciences degree in 2007 and a research masters in Biomechanics in 2011. Ainle will draw upon several case-studies to discuss the role of functional biomechanics for physical rehabilitation, fitness, and in athlete and player preparation.

Data analytics for understanding sports injuries
Monday 1st April, 14.00-15.00
Venue: Schrodinger Building SR3-006, University of Limerick

Dr Chris Richter is a Senior Researcher and Head of Research and Innovation at the Sports Surgery Clinic in Dublin, which sees over 500 Post ACL reconstruction patients and 800 athletic groin pain patients each year. Chris completed a Master in Sports and Sports Engineering at the Technical University Chemnitz Germany and a PhD in biomechanics / signal procession entitled ‘The Search for Performance Related Factors in Countermovement Jumps’ from Dublin City University. In recent years Chris has worked extensively with motion analysis systems (optical camera and inertia solutions) to analyse movement tasks within a lab and real life situations – to give feedback to athletes and coaches in respect to training, rehabilitation and prevention programs. One of Chris’ major interests is the use of advanced data analytics to account for different movement strategies which can help to better understand and explain mechanism of injury or performance.

Chris’ talk will cover possible limitations in current clinical studies that seek to explain underlying injury mechanism, his vision on how to overcome limitations, and present data solutions to identify and model risk of injury.

Dr Ian Kenny is a Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics and his current research interests include the effects of equipment parameters on the golf swing. Sport and human performance. Musculoskeletal modelling and computer simulation of movement.  Contact Ian via email at or view his research profile on Researchgate Ian Kenny Round

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