Publication: The Effects of Low-Volume, HIT Training on Performance in Competitive Youth Swimmers

Research Impact:  The merits of low-volume, high-intensity training (HIT) versus low-intensity, high-volume training (HVT) are a widely debated topic in competitive swimming. This study investigated the effects of a 7 week HIT intervention on physiological, biomechanical and swimming performance parameters in sixteen national level youth swimmers. A 7 week HIT intervention was neither beneficial nor detrimental to performance parameters however the HIT group completed 6 hours (17.0-km) swimming per week compared to 12 hours (33.4-km) per week for the HVT group.

Nugent, F., Comyns, T., Nevill, A. and Warrington, G.D., 2019. The Effects of Low-Volume, High-Intensity Training on Performance Parameters in Competitive Youth Swimmers. International journal of sports physiology and performance14(2), pp.203-208.  DOI: 10.1123/ijspp.2018-0110


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