PJ Smyth Postgraduate Scholarship


The purpose of the PESS PJ Smyth Postgraduate Scholarship is to support one full time PhD student.

Terms of the Award

  • The scholarship is held for up to four years, subject to available funding and the student’s continued satisfactory academic progress.
  • The scholarship recipient is expected to work on a full time basis on their PhD and will enrol on the Education and Health Sciences structured or traditional PhD programme.
  • The scholarship recipient will apply for Irish Research Council within the first eighteen months of their scholarship.
  • Scholarship recipients are expected to contribute a specific amount of hours per academic year to PESS-related tasks (e.g., teaching, demonstrating, organisation of events) for the duration of their scholarship. The expectation is 36 hours in year 1, 72 hours in year 2 and 144 hours in years 3 and 4 of study.
  • The successful applicant must be a new research student (i.e., are not currently registered as a postgraduate student in UL), and must be willing to take up the scholarship by the beginning of the first academic semester, September 2019.
  • Panel decisions will be final, and not open to review.  Student applicants will be given two weeks to decide whether to take up the scholarship when offered.  Scholarships not taken up will be re-allocated on the basis of points to the next highest applicant. The panel will have the right to agree that low quality applications can be judged non-fundable, and a scholarship will not be offered in this instance.
  • Scholarships are offered subject to continued funding of the departmental research account. Should such funding not be maintained, scholarships may be withdrawn, subject to three months notice.
  • Receipt of externally funded scholarships or stipends will not affect the value of this scholarship provided that this does not exceed €5,000. Scholarship recipients must inform the PESS Research Committee of receipt of such additional funding in writing.

Nature of Application:

Applicants are requested to consult with potential supervisors from PESS faculty staff and to submit an application of no more than 2000 words outlining their research proposal including a year by year progression outline and project deliverables. This application document is a space where applicants have the opportunity, to respond to each of the three evaluation criteria for this scholarship: 1) alignment with PESS research theme(s); 2) quality of scholar; 3) quality of supervisory team.

Application Deadline:

Applications should be submitted electronically to pessscholarships@ul.ie and received no later than 12pm on Monday 10th June, 2019.  This deadline will be strictly adhered to.

Funding Plan

Four-year PhD inclusive of fees (approx. €5,000 per annum) and bursary valued at (€13,000 per annum).

Evaluation Criteria and Evaluation Process

Details of the evaluation criteria and evaluation process can be found here

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