PEPAYS Ireland Consultation (April to May 2019). Professor Ann MacPhail

The PEPAYS Ireland Advisory Board is currently reviewing the future direction of PEPAYS Ireland ( Members of the Board have agreed to connect with specific individuals / small groups of colleagues within the research community in a bid to gather information and thoughts that will inform the future direction of PEPAYS Ireland. It is envisaged that such meetings will result in the consideration of a shared research mission that will provide a space for affiliation to research from aligned established organisations as well as accommodate individual colleague’s current and future research interests in the areas of physical education, physical activity and (youth) sport.

Over the next five weeks we wish to connect with colleagues to ascertain your thoughts and would be specifically interested in exploring the following three questions;

(1) The key research areas you are involved in and what you believe to be the key questions and policy issues in your field of study

(2) Individuals and agencies that it would be prudent to include in future consideration of your field of study

(3) Suggestions on changes to the current PEPAYS Ireland strategic goal statement that reads, ‘To develop a critical mass of researchers actively contributing to multi-disciplinary and multi-entity research that impacts policy and practice related to health and well-being of populations in the areas of physical education, sport, physical activity and health’.

If you are interested in contributing you should contact

Once we have a sense of the feedback from the research community, we intend to schedule a meeting to which we would invite those individuals as well as those we identify as potential significant strategic supporters. This meeting would look to refine the mission statement and associated core aims, informing the generation of a future PEPAYS Ireland strategy for the future.

You can keep up to date with PEPAYS Ireland activities at and on Twitter @PEPAYS_Ireland

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