Letter to the Editor: Supervised exercise for cardiovascular rehabilitation—the MedEx UL programme

Summary: In a letter to the ‘Irish Journal of Medical Science’, we recently described “MedExUL”. This is an aerobic exercise programme that has been initially developed for patients with cardiovascular disease. The high quality of evidence supporting the use of physical activity for primary and secondary prevention of this and several other chronic conditions has led to the establishment of the Irish National Exercise Referral Framework (NERF). To date in Ireland, there are only 4 such centres. “MedExUL” is one of these.  Referrals are accepted from hospitals and general practitioners (GPs). There are currently over 80 patient visits per week.

O’Connor, R., Power, R., Bissett, K., Bourdan, K.A., Togher, K., Power, H., O’Reilly, K., Baistrocchi, S., Purtill, P., Keyes, S. and Brannock, M., Maxwell, J., McAnuff, R., Woods, C 2019. Supervised exercise for cardiovascular rehabilitation—the Limerick programme. Irish Journal of Medical Science (1971-), pp.1-2.

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