PA4H & EIM@UL Research Seminar: Placebo & Expectation: Potential Role in Physical Activity, Exercise, and Beyond

Research Seminar Description: Dr. Lindheimer will provide an overview and primer of placebo and expectation science, the potential role of placebo and expectancy in the psychological consequences of regular physical activity and exercise, and measurement, methodological, and design implications. Dr. Herring will then discuss recent research at UL into the influence of exercise expectations on associations between physical activity and anxiety, and engagement in, compliance with, and response to resistance exercise training among high-anxious young adults. The seminar will close with plans for future research and a question and answer session.

Time: 10:00 – 11:30am, Tuesday, September 17th, 2019
Venue: University of Limerick, PESS Building P1033

For space considerations, please RSVP by Monday 16th September at 12pm to


Dr. Jacob Lindheimer is a behavioural scientist and Co-Director of the Exercise Psychology Laboratory at the William S. Middleton Veterans Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Dr. Lindheimer is a leading researcher into placebo and nocebo effects in the context of psychological and physiological responses to exercise. In addition, his current research uses neuroimaging, immunological, and cardiopulmonary exercise testing techniques to study war-related illnesses. He specifically focuses on Veterans with Gulf War Illness, a prevalent and debilitating chronic multi-symptom illness that is primarily characterized by musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and cognitive dysfunction. In 2018, Dr. Lindheimer was awarded a five-year CDA-2 grant focused on investigating the dose-response effects of aerobic exercise intensity on symptomatic (e.g., pain, fatigue, mood states), behavioural (e.g., cognitive performance, pain sensitivity), and biological (e.g., inflammatory cytokines, pain neuromodulators) indices of illness severity in Veterans with Gulf War Illness.

Dr Matthew Herring is a Lecturer in Exercise Psychology at the Department of Physical Education & Sport Sciences at the University of Limerick. Dr Herrings current research interests focus on the effects of exercise on mental health outcomes, particularly anxiety and depression, among otherwise healthy adults and chronically-ill patients. Contact Matthew via email at Twitter: @mph8.  Research Profiles: Scopus,  Google Scholar,  ORCid