Publication: Adolescents and their aspirations for private car-based transport

Research Impact:  Adolescents and their aspirations for private car-based transport has just been published in the journal Transportation (Springer) as an Open Access paper. The team (Debbie Hopkins, Enrique García Bengoechea and Sandra Mandic) use a mixed method approach to bring together the BEATS quantitative survey data (n=1240) and qualitative focus group material (n=54) to examine the participant’s preference for and intentions to engage in private-car based transport. The research was conducted in the context of reports of declining preference for car-transport by younger generations (‘Millennials’), particularly in cities. Our research, however, reports findings which show sustained interest in car-based travel. The research shows the importance of socialisation processes; the travel practices that adolescents are exposed to at home and amongst their social groups impacts upon their future intentions and aspirations. This tells us that in designing interventions to decrease car use and increase uptake of active and public modes (which benefit health, wellbeing and the environment) need to focus on everyday travel practices. What care-givers, friends and peers say and do is an important component and needs to be factored into interventions.

Hopkins, D., Bengoechea, E.G. and Mandic, S., 2019. Adolescents and their aspirations for private car-based transport. Transportation, pp.1-27.  DOI: 10.1007/s11116-019-10044-4

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