Publication: Book Review ‘Examination Physical Education: Policy, Pedagogies, and Possibilities’

Research impact summary:  This publication reviews Trent Brown and Dawn Penney’s book titled ‘Examination Physical Education: Policy, Pedagogies, and Possibilities’. This book brings research on examination physical education together with the intent of critically analysing the research and exploring ‘possibilities’ in thinking (and acting) differently and creatively about opportunities within the examination physical education context. A highlight of this book is the third part of the book, the future ‘possibilities’ of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. This book provides the ‘what’ (in terms of the possibilities agenda) and starts the conversations on the ‘how’, and these ‘how’ conversations need to explored in a collaborative manner with all stakeholders in the physical education community (teachers, pre-service teachers, teacher educators, professional development providers, policy makers). For this reason, I would highly recommend this book to all of these stakeholders to broaden the thinking (and therefore possibilities) around the enactment of examination physical education (and physical education more broadly).

Scanlon, D. (2019). Examination physical education: policy, pedagogies and possibilities. Sport, Education and Society. DOI:  10.1080/13573322.2019.1708139


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