Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, University of Limerick

Available from April 2020 to September 2020


The PESS Internship is an opportunity for individuals to spend up to eight weeks in PESS gaining experience in one of four research areas, (1) Food for Health, (2) Physical Activity and Health, (3) Sport and Human Performance and (4) Sport Pedagogy. The internship allows individuals an opportunity to work with PESS faculty, explore further their interest and disposition to postgraduate study and / or to consider working in a university setting.  The internship will allow individuals to gain experience in working on a project that entails collecting and processing preliminary data. It may be that a PESS faculty member already has data that requires further analysis and, in such circumstances, the internship would contribute to an already established project.

A maximum of ten internships to be completed by September 2020 are to be offered. Internships will receive €200 a week over a maximum of eight weeks. PESS will not fund associated running costs of the project. The eight week internship can take place at any time but must be completed by September 2020.

Interested candidates are asked to approach a member of the PESS faculty to initiate a discussion on their interests in undertaking an internship in one of the four research areas listed above. The feasibility of the individual working with the faculty member to complete the internship application as well as the faculty member’s availability to oversee the internship should also be established.

A faculty member who wishes to support an internship is required to work with the candidate to submit an application of no more than 900 words. Applicants should use the below form and clearly state:

  • A Description of the study and how it resides and contributes to at least one of the four research areas listed above; the nature of the (preliminary) data to be collected; a weekly timeline detailing the work to be undertaken during the eight week internship, noting the dates for the internship; and the proposed outcomes at the end of the eight weeks (allocated 60% of the application assessment weighting)
  • The interest, skills and capabilities of the candidate to undertaking such work and the benefit to the applicant and the PESS faculty member in terms of output and future funding (allocated 40% of the application assessment weighting).



Phase 1 applications should be submitted electronically to and received no later than 5pm on Friday 13th March 2020.

Applications received by this deadline will be evaluated on the criteria listed in the previous paragraph and will be considered by a committee chaired by the PESS Research Committee Chair and two PESS faculty members not involved in processing an internship submission for consideration. Should uptake of internships not reach the full quota in Phase 1, Phase 2 (April-July) submissions will be accepted on an open call, first come, first served basis with a threshold criteria of 70% required for applications to be successful until the quota of 10 internship awards is reached.  Successful applicants will be required to furnish a report at the end of the internship as well as make a short presentation to PESS faculty and staff.

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