Publication: Enable, Reconnect and Augment: A New ERA of Virtual Nature Research and Application

Research Impact: Technology is paradoxically increasing our connection to nature, at least during COVID19 restrictions when we cannot all physically get to nature. Photo sharing of green spaces for example have been inked to higher levels of well-being. Technological nature, digital simulations of nature, are progressing towards a point where we may be capable of simulating exposure to real nature. Concerns have been raised regarding this technology, as it is feared it will replace real nature. However, research suggests that virtual nature may have a more positive impact on society than a mere replacement of real nature, and this review propose several areas where virtual nature may be a beneficial addition to actual nature (Enable), help people reconnect with the real natural world (Reconnect) and “boost” human-nature interactions (Augment). Based on the current research and theoretical framework, this review proposes guidelines for future research within these areas, with the aim of advancing the field by producing high quality research.

Litleskare, S.; E. MacIntyre, T.; Calogiuri, G. Enable, Reconnect and Augment: A New ERA of Virtual Nature Research and Application. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 202017, 1738.

This open access publication is part of a special issue both myself Tadhg E. MacIntyre and Prof. Giovanna Calogiuri were guest editors on for the International Journal of Environmental Research in Public Health (Impact Factor 2.436) on the topic of Advances in Green Exercise and Health Promotion. Prof. Calogiuri of Inland Applied University of Norway, is a member of the GOGREEN ROUTES Horizon 2020 project consortium led by UL.

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