Publication: Between hope and happening: Problematizing the M & the P in models-based practice

Research Impact: By recognising the dangers inherent in an essentialist notion of models (i.e. by nouning or proper nouning them), and by remembering the roles set aside for teachers in the development of pedagogical models, it is important that the practising of models-based practice always retains a very real sense of becoming. By continuing to problematize the M and the P, and by engaging in respectful and agonistic debate, we are better able to unite the hope and the happening of models-based practice.

Casey, A., MacPhail, A.,  Larsson, H. & Quennerstedt, M. (2020). Between hope and happening: Problematizing the M and the P in models-based practice, Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, DOI: 10.1080/17408989.2020.1789576


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