Publication: The (mis)alignment between young people’s collective PA experience & P.E. on curriculum development in Ireland

Research Impact Summary:  In the context of the redevelopment of the primary curriculum and the enactment of the Junior Cycle Framework, this publication explores young people’s voice with regards to their experiences of collective physical activity and how this can inform physical education curriculum development and enactment. Meaningful physical education features were reflected in young people’s experiences. Those being, social interaction, fun and enjoyment, motor competence and personally relevant learning including choice. This paper highlights the need for a developmental curriculum transitioning from primary to post-primary. In all, regardless of school level, this paper argues that experiences meaningful to young people in collective physical activity must be considered in physical education curriculum development, if it is to have impact. The paper argues that the young person’s voice has the potential to inform policy and practice, as well as enforce and advocate for policy and practice that positions young people at the centre of the learning experience.

Coulter, M., Scanlon, D., MacPhail, A., O’Brien, W., Belton, S., & Woods, C. (2020). The (mis)alignment between young people’s collective physical activity experience and physical education curriculum development in Ireland. Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education


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