Publication: Rethinking professional development in higher education

Research Impact:  The changing landscape of Irish higher education institutions (HEI) in response to national and global policy have facilitated a more diverse and heterogeneous work force. Policy advocating for strengthening of links with industry have resulted in increased appointments in HEIs of lecturers with professional or industry links. There are many advantages of a more diverse work force, however, some commentators identify pitfalls for the individual, outlining significant challenges in maintaining continuing professional development (CPD) in both academia and practice. While CPD is acknowledged as an important aspect of professional life, the personalisation of CPD activities to reflect the range of roles in HEIs has not been prioritised. The extent of CPD for academic practitioners in Irish HE is contested in this current work.

Norton, C & Fitzpatrick, M. 2019.  Rethinking professional development in higher education.  Investigating continuing professional development
requirements, commitments, activities and perceptions among allied health academic practitioners. International Conference on Engaging Pedagogy (ICEP), University of Limerick, Ireland, Dec. 12 & 13, 2019.

This research was awarded Best Research Paper at The Irish Conference on Engaging Pedagogy | The Voice of the Educator | December 2019

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