Publication: Changes in PA & sedentary behavior due to the COVID-19 outbreak and mental health: a CSA of 3,052 adults in the US

Research Impact: We evaluated the impact of COVID-19-related public health guidelines on physical activity, sedentary behaviour, mental health, and their interrelations among 3,052 US adults.  Self-reported physical activity was 32.3% lower among previously active participants, but largely unchanged among previously inactive (+2.3%).  No longer meeting recommended physical activity guidelines and increased screen time were associated with worse depression, loneliness, stress, and positive mental health. Self-isolation/quarantine was associated with higher depressive and anxiety symptoms compared to social distancing only.  Findings highlight that maintaining and enhancing physical activity and limiting increased screen time during abrupt societal changes may mitigate mental health consequences.

Meyer JD,1 McDowell CP,1 Lansing JE, Brower C, Tully MA, Smith L, Herring MP (2020). Changes in physical activity and sedentary behavior due to the COVID-19 outbreak and mental health: a cross-sectional analysis of 3,052 adults in the general US population. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(18):6469. 1Joint first authors (IF: 2.468; C=; Q2 Public, Environmental & Occupational Health; R=58/193). DOI: 10.33774/coe-2020-h0b8g

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