Publication: An integrated blended learning approach for PE teacher education programmes

Research Impact:  When introducing blended learning in a (physical education) teacher education programme, we suggest designing an aligned and integrated approach structured in blocks, where all instructional components are interconnected and informing each other, enhancing prior knowledge. Given the growing role of digital technology for teaching and learning in educational policies and new PETE curricula, we advocate for the publication of more research-based experiences on blended learning in PETE programmes that might be replicated in other PETE programmes. This would encourage colleagues to explore the implications of digital technology and learn from other PETE contexts and also the sustainability of digital technology as an established mode of delivery.

Calderón, A.,  Scanlon, D., MacPhail, A., & Moody, B. (2020). An integrated blended learning approach for physical education teacher education programmes: teacher educators’ and pre-service teachers’ experiences, Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy. DOI: .10.1080/17408989.2020.1823961

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