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This page provides an overview of the Sports Coaching-related teaching, research and consultancy activity undertaken within the Department of Physical Education & Sport Sciences at the University of Limerick. The page serves to promote discussion and application of coaching research amongst students, researchers and practitioners, both within the University and beyond.

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MSc Applied Sports Coaching

This part-time two-year postgraduate programme gives 20 experienced coaches the opportunity to enhance their practice through engagement with practitioner leaders and pioneering researchers in the field of sport coaching.  The underlying aim of this MSc programme is to develop coaching expertise which can be employed by the graduates in their own context: your coaching is the curriculum. To find out more, visit our Course Page or search twitter for #MScAppliedSportsCoachingUL where you will find insights such as pre-course activities and examples of the type of research we will be engaging with.

Case Studies from Guest Lecturers

A major component of the programme involves case studies from coaches, coach developers and researchers, whose contributions provide students with a lens to guide their reflection. You can see examples of recent guest contributors in the slideshow below.

Student Testimonials

Feedback from coaches on the programme, from our Programme Advisory Board, and from our External Examiner allows us to continually evolve the programme. Here are some examples of the feedback we have received:

Cluster for Research into Coaching Collaboration

Students on the MSc Applied Sports Coaching have access to the Cluster for Research into Coaching (CRiC) MSc Coaching Club. CRiC’s Coaching Club is a cooperation between 12 universities across Ireland and the United Kingdom which offer MSc programmes in sports coaching. Every Friday lunchtime a leading UK/Ireland researcher from the field of sports coaching leads an online seminar relating to their recent work.

Attendance is only available to MSc students at a partner university. Details of recent CRiC Coaching club sessions can be found in the slideshow below:

UL Coaching  in the Media

Staff and research students involved with sports coaching at the University of Limerick have featured on a wide range of national media, as well as popular blogs and podcasts. Some examples are illustrated in the slideshow

UL Coaching Research

Staff involved with sports coaching a the University of Limerick have published research articles and contributed to a range of books on sports coaching. You can find some recent examples in the slideshow below.

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