New Professional Doctorate in Human Performance & Innovation, UL, Sept 2021


New Professional Doctorate in Human Performance & Innovation, UL, Sept 2021.

4-year part-time, customised for professionals in sport, physical activity & related health & education sectors. E-learning, situated at work, the professional drives, implements & evaluates innovations.

A large number of expressions of interest have been received regarding the new Professional Doctorate in Human Performance & Innovation at the University of Limerick (4 years, part-time). Offers of places are progressing and the new cohort of doctoral candidates who will begin in September 2021 is emerging. We are looking forward with great anticipation to working with these professionals.

The programme is designed for experienced professionals in sport and high level performance and those situated in the health and education sectors promoting physical activity behaviour. The programme is focused on driving innovation within their specific fields of expertise. Content will be customised to support the candidate in developing the skills and knowledge bases necessary to drive the evolution, development, validation and implementation of targeted innovations. Doctoral candidates will be supported throughout the process by a team of internationally recognised academics and experienced practitioners.

The programme is a direct response to an evident and growing need for professionals who are both academically astute and capable of demonstrating high-level critical thinking within practical contexts. As such, this landmark programme offers an alternative route to doctoral qualification by recognising the need to create agile and individually tailored programmes of study moulded around the working lives of busy professionals operating in high-pressure environments.

Accordingly, and in response to the changing nature and demands of 21st century performance domains, the doctoral programme is designed to be optimally adaptable. To this end, a menu of e-learning options ensures that the candidate can continue to learn and innovate, regardless of location and/or shifting life demands.

The Professional Doctorate in Human Performance and Innovation will commence in September 2021. Prospective candidates should apply on, or before, June 18th, 2021. Applications open October 2020.


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