Book Chapter: Nurturing young distance runners

Nurturing a talented young distance runner into a successful senior is a challenging task. Given the current popularity of the sport and the plethora of long-term health benefits associated with running, it is important that parents, coaches and teachers are aware of the factors and training practices that are likely to lessen the risk of drop-out, and maximise the likelihood of young runners achieving their long-term potential.  This chapter explores what a well-rounded programme of sport and physical activity looks like for the developing runner, the timing of specialisation in the sport, and the junior to senior transition.

Blagrove, R. C., Kearney, P. E., & Drew, K. (in press). Nurturing young distance runners. In: P. H. Hayes & R. C. Blagrove (Eds.). The science and practice of distance running. London: Routledge.

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