Publication: A new curriculum model for second-level physical education: Y-PATH PE4Me

Research Impact: In Ireland, physical education in the first three years of post-primary education is taught within the broader programme area of Wellbeing. Within this context, Y-PATH PE4Me is proposed as an underpinning curriculum model to serve as an appropriate and valuable guide to aid delivery of post-primary physical education. Y-PATH PE4Me aims to enable every student to lead a sustained physically active life. This proposed curriculum model is facilitated by (i) utilising pedagogical strategies to foster an autonomous motivational climate, and (ii) maintaining a consistent focus on core learning outcomes, which emphasise the development of positive attitudes and motivation towards physical activity, health-related knowledge and awareness, and core movement skills. Y-PATH PE4Me offers a structured model to guide well-aligned pedagogical decisions towards the goals and philosophy of wellbeing-aligned PE. Though positioned within Irish context the approach could be adopted and learned from at a larger scale internationally.

Belton, S., O’Brien, W., Murtagh, E., Costa, J., Issartel, J., McGann, J. and Manninen, M., 2022. A new curriculum model for second-level physical education: Y-PATH PE4Me. Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education, pp.1-22.  DOI: 10.1080/25742981.2021.2018941

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