Why study bsc exercise and health fitness management in UL? – dr frank nugent.

The new BSc in Exercise & Health Fitness Management is a four-year honours degree that provides students with a broad introduction to a career in the fitness industry.

In 1st year of the programme, students will study to become a Fitness Instructor. This will help students gain part-time work in industry in order to facilitate “learning through doing” in the early stages of the BSc programme.

In 2nd year of the programme, students will study two core specialisms – Advanced Personal Training and Strength & Conditioning for Athletes and Teams. The Advanced Personal Training module will provide students with the knowledge and skills to work with a variety of clients across a range of different real-world scenarios. The Strength & Conditioning for Athletes & Teams module focuses on training sports teams and athletes for a season or specific sporting event.

In 3rd year of the programme, students will study modules such as Research Skills and Applied Multimedia in Exercise & Fitness. Students will also complete their co-operative (COOP) work placement which is an essential part of professional development and greatly increases their employment opportunities upon graduation.

The 4th year of the programme comprises of a range of business and marketing skills modules such as Financial Management, Public Relations & Marketing, Human Resource Management, Health Promotion, Diverse Populations, Event Management and more.

The BSc in Exercise & Health Fitness Management programme is a very applied programme and develops practical skills in the formative years of the programme, whilst building on academic and management skills in the later years. If you are the type of individual that likes working with other people to help them improve their fitness and you have a broad interest in exercise, health, and fitness, then this programme might very well be for you. Or if you are an athlete hoping to combine study and training then you should highly consider this course as the University of Limerick have a strong history of supporting student athletes in pursing and excelling in their sport whilst also undertaking academic study at the University of Limerick. 


Dr. Frank Nugent is the Course Director of the BSc in Exercise and Health Fitness Management in the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, UL.  He has a PhD in Exercise Physiology, is an accredited S&C coach through the Sport Ireland Institute and is the Lead Rowing Coach at the University of Limerick.

Contact: frank.nugent@ul.ie  Researchgate, LinkedIn  Twitter @FrankNugent10 

Frank Nugent

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