The PESS Internship is an opportunity for UL students to spend up to eight weeks in PESS gaining experience in one of four research areas, (1) Food for Health, (2) Physical Activity and Health, (3) Sport and Human Performance and (4) Sport Pedagogy. The internship allows individuals an opportunity to work with PESS faculty, explore further their interest and disposition to postgraduate study and / or to consider working in a university setting.  The internship will allow individuals to gain experience in working on a project that entails collecting and processing preliminary data. It may be that a PESS faculty member already has data that requires further analysis and, in such circumstances, the internship would contribute to an already established project.

A maximum of ten internships to be completed by December 2022 are to be offered. Internships will receive €200 a week over a maximum of eight weeks. PESS will not fund associated running costs of the project. The eight week internship can take place at any time but must be completed by December 2022.

Key criteria:

  1. Applicants must be a registered UL student for the duration of the internship
  2. All proposals must have the capacity to be completed remotely if access to campus is restricted by either public health or University policy

Applicants should complete the application form and submit to no later than 5pm 26th May. Applications will be reviewed and a decision will be reached within two weeks. All decisions of the PESS research committee are final.

Call for PESS Internships 2022

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