Four reasons to do a Masters in Applied Sports Coaching: CCPD – dr. Phil kearney.

While there are a wealth of resources available to support continuing development, there are four reasons why coaches who are serious about progressing should consider the Masters in Applied Sports Coaching : CCPD 

·      Curate

·      Connect

·      Produce

·      Deepen

A wealth of resources
Any coach looking to develop their knowledge and practices has a wealth of resources available to them. These resources might be podcasts; some of my favourites include:

Alternatively, many organizations are now providing access to webinars which target specific questions, such as:

And of course, there are books; here are two that I have found really engaging recently:


With all of these free resources, why should a coach pursue a Masters programme?

I think there are four reasons: CCPD. Curate, Connect, Produce, Deepen.

On a MSc programme, you are presented with a carefully selected and sequenced set of activities and resources, designed to accelerate your development in particular areas.

Our MSc cohorts have brought together coaches from a range of sports, with experience at a range of levels from grassroots to international, creating a rich environment to share, compare and contrast. Furthermore, the programme connects coaches with a range of expert practitioners who provide case studies on the programme.

Reading a book or listening to a podcast is only the start of learning. Experimentation, review, and reflection are all essential elements in translating new ideas into improved coaching. Any coach can produce examples of their practice; e.g., check out what Philip O’Callaghan (aka Mr. Tennis Coach) has been sharing on twitter, or current MSc student John Barry’s resources for coaching Gaelic football. The assignments on the MSc programme provide a structure for coaches to more effectively summarize and learn from their experiences.

Above all, the MSc programme is designed to provide a more in-depth analysis and development of your coaching. Get access to more specific and useful research. Develop the skillset to take your reflective practice to the next level. Conduct more focused analyses of your athletes and your coaching.

If you are ready to take your development as a coach to the next level, think CCPD.

Where can I read more about the MSc Applied Sports Coaching?
Take a look at #MScAppliedSportsCoachingUL where you will find insights such as exemplar pre-course activities and examples of the type of research we will be engaging with. You can also explore these FAQs.

Applications are reviewed monthly, and places awarded based on the caliber of application until the course is full. The next deadline is 31st July 2022.

Apply Here

If you are interested in the programme or require further information please contact:
Dr Philip Kearney PhD
Course Director – MSc Applied Sports Coaching
Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences
University of Limerick

Tel: 00-353-61202844

Dr. Phil Kearney is the Course Director of the MSc Applied Sports Coaching in the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences (PESS), Faculty of Education and Health Sciences, here at the University of Limerick.

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