Publication: Development of the health promoting sports club—national audit tool

Research Impact: Sports clubs have requested support from national governing authorities to invest in health promotion (HP), by developing policies, guidelines and dedicated funding. This article outlines the development of a national audit tool to review policy development and implementation to support HP in sports clubs.  This tool has been created through a collaboration with the World Health Organisation and the contribution of 9 international researchers. To progress HP in the sports club context it is necessary to understand existing national-level policies. This national audit tool will aid in monitoring and assessing national policies for health promoting sports clubs. The tool can be found on the World Health Organisation website:

Johnson, S., Vuillemin, A., Lane, A., Dowd, K., Geidne, S. Kokko, S., Donaldson, A.,  Seghers, J., Whiting, S. & Van Hoye A. (2022) Development of the health promoting sports club—national audit tool, European Journal of Public Health, Volume 32, Issue Supplement_1, Pages i28–i37,

Van Hoye Sept 2022 National Audit Tool

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