PESS Researchers awarded joint paper of the year for PESP Journal

Congratulations to PESS researchers (Antonio Calderon, Ann MacPhail, and Brigitte Moody) who were awarded joint paper of the year for Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy (PESP) Journal.  PESP has an IF 5.830 and is ranked 8/264 in Education and Educational Research journals.  An additional congratulations to Prof Ann MacPhail for also being recognised on both research papers.

Paper 1:

Calderón, A., Scanlon, D., MacPhail, A., & Moody, B. (2020). An integrated blended learning approach for physical education teacher education programmes: teacher educators’ and pre-service teachers’ experiences. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, 26(6), 562-577.

In this paper the authors attempted to go beyond the binary humanist assumption about blended learning by designing an integrated approach for (physical education) teacher education with a clear but flexible structure. They suggest designing an aligned and integrated approach structured in blocks, where all instructional components are interconnected and informing each other, enhancing prior knowledge.

Paper 2:

Casey, A. MacPhail, A., Larsson, H. & Quennerstedt, M. (2020): Between hope and happening: Problematizing the M and the P in models-based practice, Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, DOI: 10.1080/17408989.2020.178957

This paper presents a number of key arguments. From a practical perspective, the diversity of the language used in describing models and practices in physical education indicates both a growing excellence and tradition in the field and a degree of confusion. A number of phrases are currently used to identify the same concept with individuals unaware of alternative language use. At the heart of this paper lies the manner in which one interprets the use of the terms ‘model’, ‘practice’ and ‘practise’.

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