Qualify as a Fitness Instructor with the National Council for Exercise & Fitness this Summer – Sharon Collins.

The National Council for Exercise & Fitness (NCEF), based in the PESS Building, University of Limerick, are the largest and longest established provider of education and training for Exercise and Health Fitness Professionals in Ireland for over 35 years. An academic affiliate of UL, NCEF offer University accredited Exercise, Health and Fitness Instructor qualifications in Ireland.

Course options are available, on the NCEF flexible learning pathway, from Level 6 Certificate to Level 8 BSc in Exercise & Health Fitness and at Levels 5 & 6 on the European Framework (EQF). NCEF qualifications are also audited and aligned to the EuropeActive Standards 3, 4, 5 and 6 Advanced Exercise for Health Specialist.

The NCEF offer an intensive Certificate in Exercise & Health Fitness (CEHF) NFQ Level 6 course to PE and Sports & Exercise Sciences students. The course is run over an intensive one-week period at the end of May, affording PESS students and graduates with an opportunity to gain additional skills and competencies to work as a Fitness Instructor whilst in college and after.

PESS students gain a Fitness/Gym Instructor qualification, whilst on their degree programme, building their portfolio of skills, advancing their education, and boosting employability. In today’s competitive landscape, there is a tough fight for every vacancy. It has become imperative that applicants have a strong portfolio of skills and something ‘extra’ to get noticed by prospective employers fast.

Modules covered include Exercise to Music, Resistance Training, Circuit Training, Body Conditioning, Advanced Cueing Skills Through Step Training and more.

The course runs over full days, 9:00am to 6:00pm, with final summative assessments at the end of the week. Following successful completion, students graduate with their qualification the following January.

Options are there to continue on the NCEF pathway in the future by ‘stepping into’ Year 2 of the Higher Certificate in Exercise & Health Fitness and complete specialist modules such as Advanced Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning for Athletes & Teams, Pilates & Corrective Exercise, Fit for Life Wellness Coaching, Children’s Fitness, Active Ageing and Business Facility Operations. These specialist modules may also be taken on a ‘Link In’ occasional basis in the Autumn, Spring and Summer semesters.

Applications are now open for the PESS Intensive course, commening in May 2023.

Contact the NCEF for an application link by emailing ncef@ul.ie or call to our office, P1011 PESS Building

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