Publication: Preparing pre-service physical education teachers as practitioner researchers

Research Impact: The focus for this paper is on considering the perceptions to which a chosen enactment of practitioner research in a Physical Education Teacher Education programme prepares pre-service teachers (PSTs) to understand, appreciate and experience practitioner research. The paper shares how one specific PETE practitioner-research module scaffolds learning and associated assessment tasks that align with PSTs’ school placement block. This paper highlights one-way PSTs can be encouraged and supported to apply research to their work as teachers and immediately in the planning priorities for school placement. Such an infrastructure supports the importance of integrating research and teaching, with PSTs provided a daily opportunity throughout the school placement block to understand, change and improve their practice in a principled and informed way.

MacPhail, A., Scanlon, D. and Tannehill, D., 2023. Preparing pre-service physical education teachers as practitioner researchers. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, pp.1-15.  DOI: 10.1080/17408989.2023.2206849

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