New Publication: Relevance of Resilience across the domains of Sport & Work

Research Impact: In both Work and Sport arenas we are faced with a variety of challenging situations, ranging from on-going deadlines and family stress to career threatening injury and job-loss. Resilience has become a buzz word in both media and conversation and now research has highlighted its importance in all meaningful pursuits. This article systematically reviews all relevant resilience literature and can finally define resilience as your ability to sustain and rebound through the pathways outlined in this paper. Whether it’s a last minute penalty kick or a series of defeats that has brought you to your knees, one thing is for certain, resilience is relevant.

Bryan, C., O’Shea, D., and MacIntyre, T.  2017.  Stressing the relevance of resilience: a systematic review of resilience across the domains of sport and work.  International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology. DOI: 10.1080/1750984X.2017.1381140

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