PESS Seminar The Vestibular System: It’s all in your head

In this seminar, Dr. Toth will discuss the role that inner ear information has in areas of cognitive neuroscience, biomechanics, neurophysiology, clinical therapies and sport sciences.  Galvanic vestibular stimulation, a sophisticated technique used to explore the role of inner ear feedback in these numerous areas will also be highlighted in the seminar.

Dr. Adam Toth is a post doctoral researcher with Lero at the University of Limerick.   Adam has a PhD in Neurophysiology and Biomechanics from the University of Guelph, Canada. His research focuses on how the brain integrates sensory feedback to control balance and movement in elderly, athletic and esport populations.

Dr Adam Toth is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the PESS Department. View Adam’s Profile Here!  Adam’s Email Address:  Adam’s Twitter: @AToth_88

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