New Publication: Associations of Physical Activity with Anxiety Symptoms

Research Impact: Anxiety is debilitating and associated with numerous mental and physical comorbidities. There is a need to identify and investigate low-risk prevention and treatment strategies. Therefore, the present study examined associations of physical activity and anxiety in participants (n = 4175; 56.8% female) aged ≥50 years. Anxiety symptoms were significantly higher among females than males. High volumes of PA were cross-sectionally associated with lower anxiety symptoms and status, with a potential dose–response apparent. However, significant associations were not observed in prospective analyses. It appears plausible that pain played a moderating role in these associations.

McDowell CP, Gordon BR, Andrews KL, MacDonncha C, Herring MP. Associations of physical activity with anxiety symptoms and status: results from The Irish longitudinal study on ageing.  Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences, 2018 doi: 10.1017/S204579601800001X.


Cillian McDowell is a postgraduate student in the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at the University of Limerick. View Cillian’s profile here!  Contact Cillian on:

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