Teacher Education & Teacher Educator Second National Forum – April 23rd 2018

Teacher Education & Teacher Educator Second National Forum
Monday 23 April 2018
Maynooth University

This seminar will focus on and discuss two current and crucial issues which we believe we, as teacher educators and stakeholders in the teacher education continuum, need to be engaging with as well as working towards a unified approach to both – (1) school placement and (2) the accreditation of ITE programmes in 2020 and the associated issues with ECTS.

(1) School placement (10.30am to 12.15am)

Acknowledging the Teaching Council guiding principles on School Placement (SP), Guidelines on School Placement (2013), we would look to consider shared principles for SP that is most effective for all involved. Keeping the teacher education continuum in mind, cooperating teachers and SP tutors would be welcome to attend. Following on from the November 2017 Forum session on SP, this is an opportunity to share SP practice and work together as a unified national group contributing to a unified statement from teacher educators on SP expectations, practices and reality across concurrent, consecutive, primary and post-primary programmes. It is also an opportunity to consider potential consultation opportunities with teaching unions and Heads of Education (Committee). There is also a SP link to the afternoon session of the Forum on accreditation of ITE programmes in 2020 as regards considering a reconceptualization of SP, e.g., research element being subsumed within SP.

(2) 2020 accreditation of ITE programmes (1.15pm to 3pm)

Acknowledging the Teaching Council Initial Teacher Education: Criteria and Guidelines for Programme Providers (Revised Edition March 2017), we would like to consider and document the strengths and challenges of current ECTS credit ITE models of provision (primary and post-primary), accredited in the last round of accreditation and currently underway. We propose to do this with a view to charting a route forward to the next round of accreditation and to making a unified teacher educators’ contribution to a consultation process with various stakeholders in advance of the issuing of criteria and guidelines for Providers. Arising from contributions and inputs in our November 2017 seminar, a number of prominent themes have emerged in relation to the shape and operation of existing programmes and we propose to further explore how these themes might inform the 2020 accreditation process. These themes include but are not limited to; the conceptual framework of programmes, programme design and ECTS (overall ECTS and module/mandatory areas ECTS), programme learning outcomes, teaching, learning and assessment approaches, programme balance, practicum (School Placement) and research activity. Using an evidence-based approach and drawing on shared experience to date this will afford us an opportunity to suggest possible criteria and/or themes for consideration in the 2020 accreditation process consultation phase.

A more detailed programme for the day will follow in due course. If you require any further information on the National Forum please do not hesitate to contact Ann MacPhail at Ann.MacPhail@ul.ie

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Ann MacPhail is Professor of Physical Education in the department of Physical Education  and Sport Sciences at the University of Limerick. Ann’s current areas of teaching and  research interests revolve around (physical education) teacher education, young people in sport, curriculum development in physical education, teaching, learning and assessment issues within school physical education, methodological issues in working with young people and ethnography.  Contact Ann via email ann.macphail@ul.ie follow Ann on Twitter or view her research profile on Researchgate 



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