Athletes, tell us about your dietary supplement intake! Marta Kozior

Athletes take dietary supplements for many health related and performance reasons. The popularity of supplement consumption has been observed in athletes competing at all levels. Moreover, the value of global dietary supplement market increases over 18 years and was worth $US 104 billion in 2013. However, what is a dietary supplement exactly? In the recent International Olympic Committee Statement (2018), the dietary supplement has been defined as: “a food, food component, nutrient, or non-food compound that is purposefully ingested in addition to the habitually consumed diet with the aim of achieving a specific health and/or performance benefit”.  Although the full picture, such as the type, quantity (dose), time, frequency and rationale of supplement intake across various sports disciplines, the level at which athletes are competing, as well as the phase of the competitive season has not been well-characterized.

On the other hand, there is a group of athletes, who do not consume supplements. Who are they? Why do they not find it beneficial for health and performance?

To learn more about supplement habitual practices specific to the training session and sports discipline we have created an online survey. The survey is dedicated to female and male, non-elite and elite athletes between 18 and 45 years. The answers, which you – an athlete or athletes who you work with, can provide might help sports dieticians and nutritionist to tailor the area and act as the basis for future changes. Their work would ideally combine athlete goals and practices with the evidence-based knowledge to improve nutrition through food or supplements intake in particular situations.

If you are a described athlete willing to participate in the survey, please click the link below. If you work with an athletic population, please share the link to the survey with them.

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Marta Kozior is currently working as a Research Assistant in Sports Nutrition in the Department of  Physical Education & Sports Sciences at the University of Limerick. Contact Marta via email on or follow her on Twitter.

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