Publication: Acute effects of outdoor & indoor exercise on feelings of energy & fatigue in people with depressive symptoms

Research Impact: Mild-to-moderate depression is often accompanied by low energy and fatigue. Acute exercise improves energy and fatigue, but less is known regarding environmental influences on exercise response. Feelings of energy and fatigue were measured before and after three counterbalanced 20-min conditions: outdoor exercise, indoor exercise, and sedentary control) among 18 young adults with elevated depressive symptoms. Compared to sedentary control, exercise resulted in significant, large improvements in feelings of energy that did not significantly differ between outdoor and indoor exercise.  Thus, short bouts of exercise may improve feelings of energy among depressed individuals regardless of whether exercise in outdoors or indoors.

Legrand F, Race M, Herring MP (2018). Acute effects of outdoor and indoor exercise on feelings of energy and fatigue in people with depressive symptoms. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 56:91-96. doi: 10.1016/j.jenvp.2018.03.005. (IF:3.494; C=0; Q1 Multidisciplinary Psychology; R=14/129)

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